A Wax Seal Set


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The images are examples for you to design your own gift box which includes 3 waxes, 1 seal, and 1 wooden handle. Please select your 3 x colour of waxes and letter or symbol for us to make up your own design. Comes beautifully gift wrapped with matching ribbon.



Melt the wax. Hold the stick in one hand and the match right at the end of the stick in the other and light. Give it a moment to burn down.  Place the melting stick directly over the spot you want to make the wax seal and let the wax drip down.  Press your seal into the melted wax, hold down until the wax sets.  Once set, the seal will be easy to remove, while the wax with an impression will stick to the envelope or page.


What others think…..

I made an online purchase of a seal and wax for our departing school principal. I just wanted to let you know that she thought it was the most beautiful thing. In fact, her response was, “No one’s ever given me something so special.” ” (Cigdem, December 2017)

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